King Hokum (Digital Download) - C.W. Stoneking USA

King Hokum (Digital Download)

First studio album by C.W. Stoneking (2006)

08 Bad Luck Everywhere You Go.wav
04 Dodo Blues.wav
07 Goin The Country.wav
06 Charley Bostocks Blues.wav
05 On A Christmas Day.wav
11 Handyman Blues.wav
02 Don't Go Dancin' Down The Darktown Stutter's Ball.wav
10 You Took My Thing And Put It In Your Place.wav
03 She's a Bread Baker.wav
09 Rich Man's Blues.wav
01 Way Out in the World.wav

All songs by C.W. Stoneking (tracks 5 & 10 by C.W. Stoneking & K. Fraser)

Musicians on this album: C.W. Stoneking - Singer, Guitar, Tenor Banjo Kirsty Fraser - Singer Stephen Grant - Trumpet, Trombone Chris Tanner - Clarinet Mark Elton - Sousaphone Andy Ross - Double Bass Mike Andrews - Piano Lynn Wallis - Drums Tony Dunn - Jug Anthony Shortte - Drums, Percussion