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Line Up

Spawning from planet Earth, prog death/thrash quartet Cryptic Shift spore a unique blend of brutal grooves, light-speed riffs and gruesome sci-fi elements.

Cryptic Shift (2017-) Xander Bradley - Guitar/Vocals. Joe Bradley - Guitar. Ryan Shift - Drums. John Riley - Bass.

Creating a mix of fundamental death/thrash metal influences, Cryptic Shift see beyond the traditional writings of their predecessors and proceed to implant their morbid creation of unorthodox, sci-fi orientated sonic invasion upon their viewers presence. "An inter-dimensional barrage of head-splitting riffs and pulverizing shredding delivered at light-speed. 'Cosmic Dreams' forms the cataclysmic prologue of an epic sci-fi saga, in which a lone space traveller ventures beyond our dimensional realms to be engulfed in forces beyond apprehension. The spiralling events that follow will be continued in our upcoming releases, and will include peculiar alien races, extra-solar civilisations, destructive space battles, aeons-old entities and beyond-human abilities."

For Fans Of Morbid Angel, Gorguts, Revocation, Vektor, Atheist, Death.

CONTACT For General Enquiries please email; crypticshift@hotmail.com For Booking / Press info please email; cosmicrealmuk@gmail.com

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