Diversity Projects Manager Job Description & Responsibilities June 2021

CPWM is looking for an experienced manager to support us on our journey to ensure everyone feels empowered to build their own career in music, irrespective of gender, sexuality, ethnicity or socio-economic background.

With a demonstrable and proven track record of empowering and enabling diverse voices and project delivery.

As an innovative, solutions focussed manager, adept at creating conditions for positive collaborations and facilitating inclusive conversations and as a respected leader, you will be able to support CPWM through the next stage of our progression delivering and supporting new projects.

Key responsibilities

a) Oversee timely, high quality and successful delivery of all CPWM projects / initiatives that are targeted at specific demographics (‘Diversity Projects’) to ensure they meet the agreed objectives and outcomes for each activity

b) Line manage and enable staff members responsible for delivery of those projects and Intern / Kickstart (Social Media) hire

c) Oversight of all evaluation including Impact Measurement collection - KPIs, monitoring information, Individual Learning Logs for all ‘Diversity Projects’

d) Ensure beneficiary voices are always used to define / shape projects and that projects are created alongside these beneficiaries.

e) Track best practices across projects adopting a continuous improvement methodology to ensure Project Leads can be as effective and empowered as possible, learning from each other and sharing relevant and appropriate information with all key stakeholders

f) Represent CPWM where appropriate to press/radio, and other stakeholders where applicable, for these projects

g) Ensure all CPWM staff (inc. Label / Magazine staff) have access to training / support opportunities available. Develop learning plans for staff to support development.

h) Review CPWM’s internal policies i.e. Safeguarding, Health & Safety, EDI and GDPR, ensuring they are up-to-date and relevant or safe working practices and compliance

i) Support Director in Funding applications / new project proposals - with intelligence, evidence, evaluation and any other aspect to meet relevant funding agency criteria

Time commitment: 26.25 hrs / week (0.7 FTE)

2 year contract - salary £31,000 (pro rated)

The deadline for applications is 12pm noon, Tuesday 6th July

For full details on how to apply for this exciting opportunity please see HERE, or for a conversation about the role, please contact Tony Ereira on: tony@cpwm.co

For a full breakdown of Key Responsibilities head HERE

This role is made possible thanks to the kind support of Youth Music