Key Responsibilities – detail

a) Oversee timely, high quality and successful delivery of all CPWM projects / initiatives that are targeted at specific demographics (‘Diversity Projects’) to ensure they meet the agreed objectives and outcomes for each activity

Project Leads are in place for all key projects and all will report into the Diversity Projects Manager. These change but currently include: Come Platform Me, Targeted demographic supported release campaigns, Roaming Music Industry Advice Clinic, Women & People of Marginalised Genders In Music, LGBTQ The Music events, Connected Sounds podcast

  • Ensure that projects are delivered to meet agreed objectives and outcomes with any adjustments reported

  • Ensure that all milestones, reporting are being undertaken and that any issues identified are resolved/escalated, ensuring that all KPI information is collated throughout the life of the project

  • Make sure deliveries are timed to maximise impact per original proposal (adjusted where appropriate through life of project) in a meaningful and trusted way, in line with CPWM values and mission

  • Ensure that clear external messaging / promotion is delivered to the Social Media Intern / Kickstart hire, to reinforce the values and mission statement of the projects and CPWM

b) Line manage and enable staff members responsible for delivery of those projects and Intern / Kickstart (Social Media) hire

  • Ensure that Project Leads are supported and empowered to deliver per Project Plans

  • All Project Leads to understand objectives and have tools in place to successfully deliver - and to understand how their projects align with the over-arching CPWM vision

  • Take responsibility for day-to-day management, including 1:1s and an annual appraisal process with interim conversations, if appropriate

  • Where appropriate, support and enable Project Leads with budget management and identify opportunities for possible additional funding, partnership and collaboration

Staff/freelance members change depending on current projects. As at 1st June 2021 they are:

  • Come Platform Me (Live) Lead

  • Connected Sounds (Podcast) Lead

  • LGBTQ The Music coordinator

  • Creatives of Colour live events coordinator

  • Women & People of Marginalised Genders in Music coordinator

  • Kickstart Label Assistant (‘Intern / Kickstart Social Media Lead’)

  • (Roaming) Music Industry Advice Clinic (in partnership with Launchpad)

(All on fractional 0.1/0.2 FTE contracts)

Additional oversight of Diversity activities undertaken by Label and magazine teams.

Support Intern / Kickstart Social Media Lead to

  • Develop a social media strategy and ‘voice’ alongside the rest of the team

  • Produce appropriate social media assets for each different platform

  • Regular and scheduled postings on social media accounts (Facebook & Twitter - & Instagram/elsewhere?) To include releases, events and opportunities to encourage subscription, purchase from back catalogue,

  • Posting magazine articles

  • Supporting previously supported musicians

  • Patreon signposting

  • Sponsored posts on occasion

  • Ensure use by all of Social Media Scheduler (manage any clashes)

  • Manage monthly mail-outs

c) Oversight of all evaluation including Impact Measurement collection - KPIs, monitoring information, Individual Learning Logs for all ‘Diversity Projects’

  • Ensure key performance measurables are collected alongside qualitative detail per original proposals

  • Constant review of whether these are the right measurable: do they need to be adjusted? Are there more efficient/accurate methods available?

  • Make available to Director for grant reporting

d) Ensure beneficiary voices are always used to define / shape projects and that projects are created alongside these beneficiaries.

Ensuring that new beneficiaries are constantly identified / engaged, inc. those harder to reach ones - i.e. not just relying on ‘the usual suspects’

  • Oversee and formalise meetings of LGBTQIA+, Creatives Of Colour, Youth/ magazine focus groups

  • Determine whether Women / People of Marginalised Genders forum is required…..or how engagement can be managed via GREAAT team

  • Stay abreast of new opportunities from partner organisations working with key demographics

  • Ensure learnings from other projects with target demographics are fused to inform our processes

  • Perform ‘end of project’ review sessions with those receiving ‘deeper targeted support’

  • Attend own/others’ panel and workshop events, be open to feedback / recommendations / criticisms

e) Track best practices across projects adopting a continuous improvement methodology to ensure Project Leads can be as effective and empowered as possible, learning from each other and sharing relevant and appropriate information with all key stakeholders

  • Manage team meetings to ensure a forum exists to share good/bad practice and learnings/findings from projects

  • Foster collaboration and conversation between project leads (not always via self/ Director)

  • Support Project Leads to provide interim and end-of-project reporting

  • Consider where findings can be shared externally I.e. via PRS Foundation Talent Development Partner network, Youth Music Network - or via a CPWM/ Music:Leeds/partner panel event of workshop

f) Represent CPWM where appropriate to press/radio, and other stakeholders where applicable, for these projects

  • On an ad hoc basis, when requested by press/radio partners, attend interviews, represent Come Play With Me for projects/events

  • Manage messages to press via press releases and social media (through Intern/ Kickstart hire)

g) Ensure all CPWM staff (inc. Label / Magazine staff) have access to training / support opportunities available. Develop learning plans for staff to support development.

  • Make external training options available to team and prioritise attendance where applicable

  • Understand training needs from team and what is provided elsewhere, which gaps exist

  • Develop personal development plans for staff to support professional development. Identify opportunities to address their learning needs and possible funding avenues to achieve these

h) Review CPWM’s internal policies i.e. Safeguarding, Health & Safety, EDI and GDPR, ensuring they are up-to-date and relevant or safe working practices and compliance

  • Ensure all policies are up to date and fit for purpose

  • Ensure all staff aware aware of policies and know what their responsibilities are within these

  • Ensure action plans and training needs are identified for all policies

i) Support Director in Funding applications / new project proposals - with intelligence, evidence, evaluation and any other aspect to meet relevant funding agency criteria

  • Provide relevant supporting and monitoring materials where appropriate

  • Ensure learnings from previous projects are fed into new applications

  • Propose new projects to build on / develop earlier initiatives that support CPWM’s mission

  • Proof read and review applications pre-submissions

  • Assist in project reporting production

Nb all team members should feed into this for their own projects, where applicable

To include any additional duties from time to time associated with the role.

Location – flexible. Ideally some time (~50%) to be spent in the Come Play With Me Office (central Leeds.)