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If you’re making music around Leeds (**and that means if you have an address in Leeds/Bradford/Calderdale/Kirklees/ Barnsley/Wakefield/Selby/York/Harrogate or Craven), head to our submission form & get in touch!


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5Q's with Miz DeShannon


**Name/Role: **

Miz DeShannon - Director and Mentoring project manager

What’s the best thing about working for Come Play With Me?

Sharing my life with Tony and Scott.

What are the most difficult/challenging parts of your role?

Sharing my life with Tony and Scott.

Seriously - I don't think anything is particularly difficult or challenging. Every aspect of what CPWM does is very well received, Tony has done a great job making foundations and relationships, and Scott does a great job administrating and managing things. It's a recognisable brand, people trust us, people like us, and people seem pretty eager to get involved with the mentoring scheme as mentees and mentors - we've got a great bank of music industry professionals on board, who really didn't need asking twice.

Was there a particular moment you realised you wanted to do what you do?

When Tony took me for coffee and said he thought I was bossy / organised enough to pull the mentoring scheme into shape. My mum always told me I was a bossy child. I like to channel that into something constructive like project management.

What’s your favourite game?

Triple H.

Come Play With Me is yours to rename but you have to use the acronym CPWM, what’s it gonna be?

Chucky Parties With Melons.