Hello + welcome to Come Play With Me!

Come Play With Me is a social enterprise. We are a singles club putting out split 7” releases from the most exciting artists from the Leeds City Region alongside a few surprises along the way.

With a mix of the new and more established from all genres, we’ll be demonstrating the awesome diversity of great music coming out of this part of the world.

You can support us & become part of the CPWM family by joining our singles club HERE, supporting us on Patreon HERE or by picking up a release of ours HERE.


We've added our limited edition box sets to our site! You can get either 4, 8 or 12 vinyl singles of your choice, sent to you with a limited edition box to keep them all in! Get yours HERE.

Pick your vinyl from acts including Cinerama (The Wedding Present), Harkin, Fizzy Blood, Dead Naked Hippies, Team Picture, The Golden Age of TV, OFFICERS, ZoZo, Esper Scout, Ceiling Demons, Maggie8, Her name is Calla, Deadwall, Laminate Pet Animal, RIIB, FURR, Magic Mountain, JON JONES AND THE BEATNIK MOVEMENT, The Boxing, PARK FIRES, Mansion of Snakes, Brooders, NO FIXED IDentity, ENGINE or choose from our upcoming releases!

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Extremely excited to be working with 2 superb artists to release this brilliant AA-side 7" vinyl. Get your hands on a copy of the stunning 7" vinyl HERE.

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Vinyl not your thing? It's on all streaming platforms now so have a listen!

Listen everywhere else by here;

Dead Naked Hippies - Young Male Rage

No Fixed Identity - 123 Come Play With Me


As a label, we pride ourselves on supporting & culturing new talent, whether that be through a release, a live event or being there with an ear to bend. We also offer mentoring opportunities to people who have a great idea or project & are in need of experience from those who have done it.

A lot of what we do is supported by funding bids but these are becoming more difficult to achieve & are not guaranteed.

You can help us to continue doing what we do by becoming a patron of CPWM. For as little as £1.60 a month, you can enable us to support more artists & creatives who want to succeed in & learn about the music industry.

If you'd like to support us & the people we work with, there are several different ways you can do this from as little as £1.60 / €1.70 / $2 per month. Head here to find out how you can become part of the CPWM family & how you can support us: CPWM PATREON


Each week we invite a guest to curate a Spotify playlist for us. Here's our latest one...

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