CMajor's Podcast - Before The Show

Check out CMajor's Podcast!--It's called "CMajor Before The Show". Maybe that's not the catchiest title, but it is a logical one. CMajor likes to talk with students before they listen to The CMajor Radio Show. The CMajor Before the Show podcast is aimed at adult students who are thinking about getting into music making or who want to hear ways to stay motivated in music making. Listen for shout-outs, weekly social media polls, piano instruction, and encouragement. It's a fun-filled vibe.


CMajor Summertime Lessons 2018

It's Summertime!--CMajor is busy working with students who wanted to keep their piano skills in shape during the summer months. Join CMajor online at The CMajor Radio Show, airing again mid-August after a brief mid-summer break. Also, keep up with CMajor Before The Show. At CBTS you'll hear CMajor acknowledge the hard work that her students are doing; she'll share with you some piano playing tips and read letters based upon her students, parents, and colleagues most pressing questions. It's Summer Fun with CMajor. See you soon!

CMajor's Spring Roster 2018

Students are welcome to sign up now. CMajor is accepting applications for her Spring Roster. Contact CMajorPorter now to register for piano classes. Lessons include playing piano by ear and by chords, reading music and special online instruction for advanced beginner and intermediate students. Happy Piano Playing!

CMajor's Piano Students Fall 2017

Great News!--CMajor has begun teaching for Fall 2017! Sign up by asking for an invitation to join CMajor's student roster. The next round of applications will be accepted for Spring 2018. CMajor will send you a private invitation via email. The email will contain an application for you to download. Include two options of your availability on this application to arrange for an audition. Once you have auditioned, CMajor will contact you to let you know if you have been accepted as a student in her private teaching studio. Serious inquiries accepted for international piano exams, learning to read music and playing the piano using Text Notation. CMajor looks forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you.

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