Happy December!--Tickets to CMajor's 2020 Performance

It's Merry Christmas month--December! We hope that you are having a happy time during the holiday season. We are announcing tickets for CMajor's 2020 Performance. See this link for more details. Tickets to CMajor's 2020 Performance

More Social Media...

Happy November!--Please feel free to connect with CMajor through additional social media. Thanks to Spreaker for CMajor Before The Show now available on Deezer. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

CBTS on Deezer

Curious Chord Progressions

As we come to the close of our 'chords for students' discussions, we ask you to consider becoming more curious about chord progressions. Starting in 2020, you can expect more chord progressions and more diverse topics for your music making. We're excited for you! Continue to make the best music you can make. We'll see you on the podcasts.

It's PSL Season!--Check out our podcast for coffee culture and music talk.

Happy October and PSL season! Hope to see you all soon. Thank you for checking out our podcast. CMajor Before The Show

This week's blog post--TEXT Notation

This week's blog post is near and dear to CMajor's heart...please read with care. Thanks for reading! Text Notation in the 21st Century

Join us on Apple Podcasts! Thank you for listening...

Good news! The CMajor Before The Show podcast has been published on Apple Podcasts! We want you as a listener. Please feel free to share the news. Thank you to Spreaker for making this podcast distribution possible. CMajor Before The Show podcast

New Focus of Harmonic Rhythms

Hi there!--We're reviving a new focus of harmonic rhythms and chord changes. See you on the radio...online! Harmonic Changes

Additional Blog Post from Our Blog

From our WordPress blog post... (http://cmajorporter.com/2019/06/23/chords-on-the-moon/)

...A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned on the podcast that we might post a blog or two from our official blog. Check out our official CMajor's classroom homework site (http://cmajorporter.com). Thank you for listening. More posts to follow across the summer months...happy summering! #cmajorsclassroom #cmajorbeforetheshow #spreaker

New Resource

We've been talking about our new pocket manual of musical terms. It's new to us on the podcast. Check it out if you care to.

Schirmer Pronouncing Pocket Manual of Musical Terms, Fifth Edition

Thank you for listening. We are looking for ways to expand our syllabus for the 12-week chord series.

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