THE TEST (Digital)

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    THE HUNT replicates the sensation of the day after a night of sensory (and chemically) overloaded hedonism. If you feel tumble-dried after this tune then it’s entirely deliberate. It’s supposed to be exhausting:

    “You wake up late afternoon, your hair a mess,” offers Aaron of its origins. “You smell like a bin. Breakfast is the rest of the falafel from the night before. You're volatile, energised, funny as fuck. You don’t give a single shit what others think of you.”

    The extended outro meanwhile is intended to mock both good taste and the laws of physics, something that comes naturally to a band that ooze majestic futurist prog, epic math-rock, electro-goth, post-rock, glacier-sized chillwave or just simply, ‘post-everything’.

    Like a celestial shaft of aural light beamed from unknown futures or a diamond-cutting laser first illuminating and then slicing to shreds the darkest corners of the subconscious, CIVIL CIVIC create a musical experience that is totally immersive. Like musical synaesthesia, theirs is a visceral experience to be smelled, tasted, explored, survived. They sound like no other.