'Mad In England' - Chris Catalyst - CD - Chris Catalyst

'Mad In England' - Chris Catalyst - CD

A shiny new CD


I am immensely pleased to offer for pre-order MAD IN ENGLAND, my newest and most extravagant album yet!

'A call to arms for a decent soundtrack to heavy times, Chris says ‘this is the album I’ve always wanted to make. It’s political with both a capital P and a small one… and it’s got the best tunes and most outlandish production I’ve ever had. It’s the story of how I’m pissed off, and how we’re all pissed off, on both a micro and a macro level.’

‘We’ve all had a load of downs in over the past few years… I think it’s time for some ups. The album is a big rant about all the nonsense we have been facing every day, but with some ideas of how we might right some of those wrongs.’

It’s an eclectic and colourful journey through Chris’s record collection and imagination, veering from frenetic pop to stoner rock to lysergic soundscapes, all accompanied by his typically acerbic Northern wit.'

This is on a shiny CD with a lovely 16-page booklet containing all the lyrics.


  1. Mad In England
  2. Butterfly Or Bull
  3. Emergency
  4. Opinion Addiction
  5. I Got A Gift
  6. Stop
  7. I'd Rather Be Anywhere
  8. My Family
  9. Why Can't We All Just Get Along
  10. How?
  11. Dead Man Walking

PLEASE NOTE: this is a pre-order. The physical copies are on order and will be posted by the release date, which is Friday 6th October.

All songs by Chris Catalyst.

Produced and recorded at Chris's House Studio and mixed and produced by Dave Draper and Chris.

All instruments and vocals by Chris, except drums by Jase Bowld, trumpet by Nick Hughes and extra keys on 'I'd Rather Be Anywhere' by Bryan Scary.

Amazing artwork, layout and design by Rich Jones for Turning Rebellion.

APOLOGIES for the slight cost increase - I've been holding out as long as I can, but everything from supply chain to postal charges to Brexit to cost of living to cost of purchasing has meant I've just had to knock the prices up slightly. Hope this is cool.

PLEASE NOTE these are being fulfilled by Remedy, so any missing orders etc need to be addressed to them and Music Glue.