Debut album Can't stop or rewind.

Chimpanbee formed in 2010 from the ashes of a grunge rock band called the creaks. They added a keys player that proved to radically change their sound and of course their approach to song writing, The Creaks were an edgy grunge band bordering on punk, with Ger Reid a raw, edgy and aggressive front man. The hooks were always there and so they became apparent with the addition of three part harmonies and a bright honkytonk style piano.

In 2010 the band release an E.P entitled the “The Pressures of Free Money” which was free to download. with 25,000 friends on myspace the E.P found many ears and some decent airplay which was followed by a brief venture to London and some popular local shows.

The band were then discovered by Alex Jones of Ruby Music and subsequently signed a deal.

after some extensive and fervent recording session’s the album was nearly finished and a highly anticipated release was on the horizon , but unfortunately tensions frayed as they do and the young ensemble split it in 2012 , leaving the album incomplete and seemingly to go to waste as Ger moved on to other projects..

Fast forward to 2017 and music publishers Art Infinite have resumed the project , get it finished get it out there and release it on vinyl as well as for free download. ‘Can’t Stop or rewind’ is an album that takes you on a journey from an alcohol and drug fueled one night stand right through to falling in love , developing unhealthy attachments and dependencies until it all finally winds up in full destructive mode and ultimately a bitter end. The Deal is done and now finally the album will be released on the 24th of February 2018.

"Can't stop or rewind is an elementary tale performed as though the world ends tomorrow. It aggressively captures the intensity and mystique of meeting the real world for the first time."