Here to There - digital download - C Duncan

Here to There - digital download

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Here to There

New single ‘Here to There’ showcases another new side of C Duncan’s considerable songwriting talents. Whereas ‘Say’ and ‘For’ are characterised by their gentleness and warmth, ‘Here to There’ is influenced (says Christopher) by disco and 80’s pop music. The result – a 4/4 beat and a hooky, earworming lead melody – when filtered through the wholly singular C Duncan lens gives us a whimsy, precision and sweetness even unlike Christopher’s own reference points. Though ostensibly a love song, at least on the surface, Christopher writes that the lyrics are “actually about a really nice new boating jacket I got… like taking someone (well, the jacket) around town to show off to my friends.” Lyrically and musically, C Duncan’s work is abundant with wit and joy.