• Original music inspired by American and World Folk -

“Great live. Just Brilliant.” - Bob Harris // Radio2

The natural born, ‘self-made’ showmen CC Smugglers have worked their way up from young street performers to playing some of the biggest festivals and venues in the UK and Europe.

“The best live band on the scene at the moment.” - Cerys Matthews // BBC6 Music

Fronted by charismatic front-man ‘with a song running off of every page’ - Richie Prynne engages with an audience within seconds of stepping up and conducts the show with ‘infectious joy’.

“Hugely engaging live performance” Paul Sexton // The Sunday Times

Together the sextet of multi-instrumentalists perform with a genuine and now almost infamous chemistry.

The band has become renowned for producing fresh and unafraid blends of old-time/world-folk styles & instrumentation; hitting home the unique and contemporary British songwriting with skill, charisma and passion.

“Besides the infectious joy they exude while playing, their understanding of the music is so deep as to make it sound effortless.” - Alex Petropoulos // Songlines Magazine

For CC Smugglers creating a show designed to captivate and thrill an audience is a skill they have well honed. These slick and exciting performances have allowed them to rocket through the ranks in the live scene and build a reputation for real music, proper showmanship and damn good times.

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