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Calling Blue Jay is the musical project of London-based, Belgian songwriter and musician, Marieke De Keukelaere, alongside Latvian violinist, Maris Peterlevics. The music can be described as atmospheric indie folk with a hypnotic flavour, a sound that is simultaneously intimate and powerful. Creating an otherworldly melancholy, the listener is taken to a landscape somewhere between the desert and the sea where nothing is what it seems. Seeking to explore complexities through self-reflection and visualisations, lyrics taste bittersweet and performances are known to be intimate and captivating. Calling Blue Jay is sometimes compared to Cat Power, Beth Gibbons and a haunting version of Laura Marling.

Following on from debut album Woods (release 2015) a new one is on its way to reach your ears later this year of which title track 'Indigo Dreams' was already released in February.

"mixed through tape to create a rich sense of atmosphere, elevating the tracks toward an otherworldly melancholy through which her words twirl.

"the lush ambience conjuring open spaces at dawn or dusk, a kind of crepuscular sadness" - Various Small Flames

The City Shake (Official Video)
Indigo Dreams (Official Video)
Fading Orchestra (The Dusty Room)

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