Call Me Loop - Property - Call Me Loop

Call Me Loop - Property

A protest song against anti-abortion laws. All proceeds will go to the National Network of Abortion Funds

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A message from Call Me Loop:

I wrote this song back in 2019.

Never in my wildest nightmares did I think that 3 years later women would be living in an even more dangerous world, in which the words of this song ring even truer than before.

The US Supreme Court's overturning of the constitutional right to abortion has regressed America back 50 years and left millions of women to face a truly terrifying reality. It is sickening and unfathomable and we need to fight it.

In 2019 all download proceeds from this song purchase (minus Music Glue's 10%) went to the Abortion Support Network, which is a UK based charity providing financial assistance, accommodation and consultation to women in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, Malta and Gibraltar who are seeking an abortion in Britain. Whilst this is still an organisation in need of regular and substantial financial aid, I've decided to re-share this song again now in support of the National Network of Abortion Funds in America, to try and help save as many women as possible over there who are currently in need of a safe abortion.

They are fundraising for more than 90 local abortion funds in the member network. Abortion funds provide financial assistance, travel, lodging, and many other types of support to abortion seekers. This network of abortion funds exists to fill the gaps in care. They continue working in collaboration to make abortion access possible for anyone, wherever they live, and wherever they are seeking care. Please head to for more information on the incredible work they're doing every day.

And please pay whatever you can, little or large, towards this cause that is SO incredibly important for all human beings, and all of our human rights.

Songwriting credits - Call Me Loop, Clare Dove and Martin Hollis. Produced by Martin Hollis.

Artwork credit - Phiney Pet.