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This new single from Calista Kazuko comes with guaranteed warm and fuzzies! 🎵

内 The Uchi Project celebrates family, love and the stories of our own ‘inner home’. Find out more at: http://www.uchi.world/

Released in collaboration with Migrant Help to celebrate Refugee Week. To find out more about Migrant Help and the amazing work they do, please visit: https://www.migranthelpuk.org/

Bring on the #UchiLove! ♡


Written and performed by Calista Kazuko Georget

Produced by Calista Kazuko Georget and Ru Lemer

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ru Lemer at Temple Music Studio

Voice and piano - Calista Kazuko

Drums and percussion - Fred Claridge

Bass - Sam Weston



Yama yama, Inner mountain, Uchi Uchi, We belong, Sister, Teacher, Nice to meet ya, Uchi Uchi Love! (repeat)

Verse 1:

Come hand me down, Move me around, In this old town, I hold these picture memories, But then we leave, I look around, I am lost, Floating out at sea.

Like a butterfly, Give us wings and we will fly…


Verse 2:

It doesn’t matter where you’re from, We’re all human, Superhuman, And we don’t have to walk alone, Call a stranger, Fellow neighbour your home, You’re home.

My home is within me, I carry it with me (x2)


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