Who are we ? We are GOD fearing Patriots that support GOD, our constitution, and promise to defend our country, our community, and our families from all enemies foreign and domestic. We follow the tenets set forth by the founder of the Three Percent movement, Mike Vanderboegh.

Long Live the Republic!

GOD Bless America!

We do not seek to incite a revolution. However, we will defend ourselves when necessary. We are not here to create violence. Violence should always be a last resort and even then should only be defensive in nature.

What do we do ? We provide training on a wide range of topics, we support our Veteran community, we support politicians and political parties that support and honor our constitution, and we promise to support our communities in times of need.

Who we are not. We are not an anti-government group, actually we are pro-government, as long as that government follows the restrictions set forth in the constitution.

We support the U.S. Constitution, and expect our government to do the same.

We are NOT tin foil hat conspiracy nuts.

We are an inclusive group and welcome all races, nationalities, Christians, Who Knows the only way to GOD is through Jesus Christ. If you are a constitution supporting American Patriot, we welcome you.

Three Percenters believe that ordinary citizens must take a stand against perceived abuses by the U.S. federal government, which they characterize as overstepping its Constitutional limits. Its stated goals include protecting the right to keep and bear arms, and to "push back against tyranny

3 PRINCIPLES OF THE THREE PERCENTERS All Three Percenters must abide by the following principles. Anyone who cannot accept these principles as a self-imposed discipline are not welcome in this organization, nor should ever consider themselves a part of the Three Percent movement.

  1. Moral Strength - Knowing what is right and wrong and acting accordingly. Being trustworthy, truthful, and holding high values and principles. Strength to stand up when something is morally wrong.

  2. Physical Readiness - Physical readiness is defined as the ability to meet the physical demands of any task in order to accomplish the objective at hand. There are some III%ers that have disabilities that prevent them from meeting physical demands and for these there is an exception.

  3. No First Use of Force - "Don't fire unless fired upon". We are not the aggressor nor antagonist. We are purely defensive and only as a last resort.

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