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The home of EKA, Indiscretion and Mr A, producing quality funky house and soulful ballads.

Producer Ekow Armah set up Big groove Records in the early part of 2006. Ekow Armah had been extensively involved in the label’s 2 artists to date, ‘EKA’ and ‘Indiscretion’. ‘I felt that as a label we needed a range of sounds and styles that could be recognised under the broad House genre. So out of this E-K-A and Indiscretion were created'. E-K-A are best defined as the commercial arm of Biggroove records, while Indiscretion has allowed me to create and produce instrumentals as well and overall deeper sound.

Biggroove Records vision is to create a label that oozes quality, soulful dance music ballads, and funky underground grooves, creating timeless tunes that never grow old! Tunes that really move you both physically and emotionally, but above all tunes that make you feel good.We are a label for everyone with followers from around the globe, where music meets fashion and fashion meets music,

We have grown a bit since those early days with the addition of Mr A to the fold-a mixture of commercial vocal house, deep house and lots inbetween. Biggroove records was formerly home to WOLFCLUB and now includes contributions from a number of DJs including DJ Mashdup and AW guys from Sweden (Pop idol+ US No1 no less!). We are still looking to grow but we will always have at the centre of our sound-quality music that really moves you. Thank you for checking us out, hope you will continue to enjoy what we have to offer!

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