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The 220 Project EP

Dan and Pete (The 220 Project) are back!

Too Much Time
Press Seven

Great news for all of you 220 Project fans. They are back! They are back with another 2 track EP. The first thing that you will notice is that they have upped the tempo for these 2 releases, called Press 7 and Too much time. This is what the 220 project have to say about the new releases:

Press 7-introduces a feeling of floating in calm space before pressing the ignition and being propelled on a never ending space mission.....

Too much time-expresses the be an astronaut. As can be heard 'once you choose's going back... ' a moment of reflection reminds you that it's a big decision, before you're sent on a mission...' Lots to think about, plenty to enjoy! To celebrate their new EP, why not enter your name and email for a chance to win a signed T shirt from the space duo. Click Here to find out more...