The 220 project EP - Biggroove Music

The 220 project EP

Electronic duo release their debut EP with Biggroove records

Is that You?
Event Horizon

The two tracks on the EP are are inspired by our love of space, sci fi and all things Alien. We build tracks around spoken samples and dubby basslines, using our beloved 303's to add trancey textures to the hypnotic kick driven tracks. We think they give a chilled out spacey feel, but also have moments of tension and release to ensure there is always something of interest for the ear. the tracks eveolve over a long recording process, we play around with ideas, playing live and jamming using analogue synths such as 303, bass station, Drum brute and MS20 as well as other hardware and plug ins , with many changes and edits being made and parts re-recorded and some binned until we are happy that they represent The 220 Project effectively. The resulting tracks often bear no relation to the way they started life. We make music that we want to listen to that we cant get anywhere else... We love a bit of sub bass, thudding kick drums and squelchy 303s.