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Rock U Crazy by Indiscretion

Hot, funky Indiscretion with some great mixes!

1/.Rock U Crazy by indiscretion-Original mix
2/ Rock U Crazy by Indiscretion Damcevski Mix
3/.Rock U Crazy by Indiscretion Shovon Mix)
4/ Rock U Crazy By Indiscretion Marcolino mix
5/ Rock U Crazy By Indiscretion- Mr W+Lady A mix
6/ Rock U Crazy by Indiscretion Damcevski Slo jam mix

Producer Ekow Armah's Indiscretion deliver this very funky track called Rock U Crazy-eagle eared (!) fans will recognise the original as Indiscretion's release called Mad Funky' from 'back in the day'-new lease of life as a song ft the vocals of Chantal. This track comes with 5 very different, but exceptional mixes including the award winning remixers from Sweden Mr A and Lady A (AW Sweden) and an amazing slo jam from Mcedonia's Damcevski. Which ever way you look at this, there's something there for everyone-so simply enjoy!