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Reflections of a vision

Solo Piano Project by Ekow Armah

Reflections Of A Vision
Open Thoughts
A Moment's Passion
Ballet Etude
Mood and Emotion
Enchanting Rhapsody
A Reminder For Spring
Just Like A Film
Just For You

Reflections of a Vision is my first solo Piano Collection, consisting of 11 tracks, composed over a few years. It is a mixture of Jazz improvisations, classical and contemporary themes. Every now and again, I will sit at my (midi) keyboard and just hit record. So for the jazz pieces ( improvisations) that is exactly what happened. It wasnt always perfect, but it was true to me at the time and what you hear is exactly what happened in those sessions. It was a combination of live creativity, being immersed in the moment and the satisfaction, that in the main, it all worked out! The other pieces I could go back to and play at anytime, any place and they would sound broadly the same. Anyway, the overall aim and reason for putting these particular tracks together is to create a sense of calm, relaxation and enjoyment for the listener. For those of you who like to relax and unwind to music, then this is (just)for you (!) I hope I have gone someway to achieving this-thank you for your time and patience with this collection- Ekow