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Brainsetter EP

House producer Brainsetter debut release

T.G.I.C -That Girl in The Club by Brainsetter
Nachaniya by Brainsetter


Most of my tracks are a result of me jamming away in my studio. Not all my jam sessions turn out to be full fledged tracks. It's only when I am jamming I am hit with this feeling that there is something special about this session and then I end up saving the session. TGIC was result of such a jam session. As soon as I had put out the drums , I knew there was something about it's vibe.

  1. Nachaniya came out when I was listening to a lot of old school and underground music , including house , deep house and disco. I m big fan of Leon vynehall , and his work has inspired me a lot. I wanted to create this vibe , which would have some essence of retro sounds or something and wanted to make it into something more appealing on the dance floor. This track is a complete result of my obsession with old school music.