Biggroove Records Funky House Vol 2 - Biggroove Music

Biggroove Records Funky House Vol 2

Compilation of Biggroove record tracks and artists

Something More by E-K-A (JDS mix)
Riot by Wolfclub
Zeus by Wolfclub
Hush by E-K-A
Destiny of Luv by E-K-A (wolfclub mix)
Future Dust by Wolfclub
Athens by Wolfclub (SnowflAke mAker mix)
U-Know by E-K-A (wolfclub mix)
Hush by E-K-A (Luvva boyz mix)
Quasor 5 by Mr A
Anutha Time by Indiscretion (Audio Hills Remix)
4 am by Indiscretion

Picking up nicely from where BGR funky house vol 1 left off. This collection of hot Biggroove Record tracks features original and mixes from some of BGR's favourite artists past and present and includes E-K-A, Indiscretion, Mr A and Wolfclub (who were in on the mix of a few tracks on this album-BGR vol 2).