Biggroove Records Chillout Volume 1 - Biggroove Music

Biggroove Records Chillout Volume 1

Some of the finest Chill out moments from Biggroove records brought together on one project

U Know by E-K-A (Groove therapy mix)
Athens by Wolfclub (Kamadoma Remix)
U-Know by E-K-A (Wolfclub mix)
Fallin' by Indiscretion
The Mood by Indiscretion
Jus the Groove by Indiscretion
Luv U 4 Ever by E-K-A
Someone else by Indiscretion
Afterlove by Indiscretion
I'm For Real by Indiscretion
Hush by E-K-A
Anutha Time by Indiscretion (Audio Hills Remix)
Rock U Crazy by Indiscretion-(Slo Jam mix)
4 am by Indiscretion

Biggroove records proudly presents Chillout volume 1, presenting the finest Chillout moments to date, featuring Biggroove record artists past and present. What do they have in common? Tracks with a quality chillout vibe that are tracks in their own right but somehow create a feel when brought together to form Chillout Volume 1. As the title suggest we can look forward to future volumes made up from the best of what Biggroove records has to offer at the time. Time for you to sit back and enjoy! Take a look below at the tracks we have for you.