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St Aldates - 'Until You Do (Live)' Album CD


Order your CD of the new St Aldates Worship album 'Until You Do', recorded live in Oxford, March 2019.

Featuring worship leaders Tom Read, Jamie Thomson and Lauren Harris:

  1. If These Walls Could Speak (ft. Emilie Radford)
  2. Loyal In Your Love (ft. Tom Read)
  3. Come Awaken Us (ft. Lauren Harris)
  4. Raised With Christ (ft. Lauren Harris)
  5. Gravity (ft. Jamie Thomson)
  6. You Restore My Soul (ft. Tom Read, Lauren Harris)
  7. Thank You (ft. Tom Read)
  8. Come To The Water (ft. Lauren Harris)
  9. Hiding Place (ft. Jamie Thomson)
  10. Until You Do (ft. Esther-Jane White)
  11. Oh How We Need You (ft. Tom Read)
  12. Set Me Apart (ft. Lauren Harris)
  13. Search The World (ft. Jamie Thomson)