Metal Massacre Records presents:

Beneath The Embers & Guests

Beneath The Embers + Harbour Sharks + Spidervayne

The Smokehouse, Ipswich

£3 adv
Entry Requirements: 14+

Metal Massacre Records are bringing their big night of metal to Ipswich with Beneath the Embers, Harbour Sharks and Spidervayne.

Be sure to get along early, have a great night and as always with Metal Massacre Records, help us raise money for the Lance Corporal Ben Hyde Memorial Trust, Scotty's Little Soldiers and our own Charity mission!

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Line Up

“Encompassing the heritage and authenticity of the likes of Metallica and Slipknot with the savvy of Bullet For My Valentine, Beneath The Embers have it nailed” – Chris Pearson, BFBS UK and Radio Caroline.

Rising from the North Essex metal scene are a small band of brothers going by the name of ‘Beneath The Embers’. A Colchester based four piece creating a musical tone sat firmly in between Thrash and Metalcore.

Beneath The Embers fully established themselves in 2016 when singer/songwriter Lewy Roland met lead guitarist Clint Bredin in a random chain of events on musical social media. Fuelled by a mutual interest in the heavier elements of Metal music and a desire to write, Lewy was invited to hook up with the remainder of the band where the group immediately started to write original material. It wasn’t long before an independent record deal was secured with Oakfield Records and studio recording on the debut EP began. “It was pretty clear right away that the band just clicked and we were onto something” says Lewy. “Me and Clint found writing together easy and the time was just right for all of us to now pursue our common goal”.

The eclectic influences from each member has created a collaboration where Clint’s ferocious riffs, with a nod to the old school are framed perfectly by the raw power and speed of the band’s exceptionally tight rhythm section. With Charlie on bass and Spence driving the band’s pacey groove on drums, the sound is showcased excellently by frontman Lewy’s vocal ability in delivering brutal verses and catchy choruses. The band’s breakdowns contrast the faster sections flawlessly where you can’t help but tap or bang your head along to any of it. When asked about the band’s sound Spence stated “We write material we enjoy playing; the music will then be what it is and hopefully people like it as much as we do”.

Now Beneath the Embers are fully immersed in the recording process for the debut EP they have their sights set firmly on cementing a fan base throughout East Anglia during 2017. “Recording is one thing but delivering a confident and credible performance with music people want to hear is something else” says Clint. “2017 will be all about perfecting our art and getting out there”.

“What it really comes down to for us is four friends having fun writing original music that we really believe in” states Charlie, “Two of us are still full time soldiers and two are dads; time is precious and can’t be wasted so we are now ready to share our material with a wider audience”.

“2017 will be the springboard to huge things for this gold standard band from Colchester” – Chris Pearson, BFBS UK and Radio Caroline.

Harbour Sharks is a three-piece rock band from Surrey, who has created a unique sound incorporating big guitar riffs, groove-laden drum beats and melodic vocals. Formed in 2015, they have just released their debut single Alive to Survive which was immediately well received by the public. 2015 will see Harbour Sharks tearing up the stage with their energetic live show at venues across the UK – keep your eyes peeled...