Rinse And Repeat - Austerity

Rinse And Repeat

A clarion call for those disaffected by mindless consumerism

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Rinse And Repeat

Christmas is a time when the vast diversity of humankind is united by the concept of buying shit you don't need and can't afford. Capitalism goes into overdrive and we get caught up in a chaotic alienating hive of ultra-consumption. Private debt escalates. We can't afford to eat but our kids want a PS4 and of course we acquiesce.

The opening lines of Austerity's Christmas Single 'Rinse and Repeat' are a clarion call for those disaffected by mindless consumerism; "Like my product? I made it just for you. Everyone else too. 'Especially' for you". The chorus is an anthemic football chant of ''Buy something! Feel better? Do it again!''. Musically Austerity build on their existing canon with a further slice of catchy wonky dance-punk.