This May Hurt Single - Download - Auction for the Promise Club

This May Hurt Single - Download

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"Their best to date" Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

“This is great, one of those songs that builds into something of a crescendo, its really good” Charlie Ashcroft, Amazing Radio

"This May Hurt' showcases the band's knack for creating incredibly focussed tracks, brimming with charisma. Juggling countless layers of musical and rhythmic tracks, Auction For The Promise Club have created a piece of music that works flawlessly and offers something new to discover with each listen. From the gorgeous, Ellie Goulding (if Ellie Goulding was in a rock band) like vocals, to the guitar driven sound that acts as a nod to the likes of Skunk Anansie: everything on offer is hugely inventive and a testament to the work they have put in" The Playground