London Irish Punk Folker Anto Morra is as passionate as it gets.
A Punk delivery standing up to confront and engage any audience without the swearing, spitting or volume, that some have come to associate with the genre. Folk without the woolie jumper or beard, finger in the ear or real ale beer but in fact amplifide or not, the song is king and what matters - 3 chords and the truth so to speak! Born and raised in London the home of Punk and seeing it unfold first hand, Anto’s Irish parents grounded him with Irish culture and the rebel music of their native home. These cultural conflicts are embedded and embraced in Anto’s songwriting and his live shows are never dull. The only certainty is that he will open and close with one of his own songs and have the audience singing along.
In 2015 he performed one of his own songs live to 1.5 million BBC Radio 4 listeners from Norwich Cathedral at the Edith Cavell centenary memorial service. Never forgetting his London Irish roots, Norfolk has been his home for over 20 years now and he has become a firm fixture on the traditional East Anglian folk circuit as well as playing more mainstream acoustic venues. Anto takes all that is good from England and Ireland and from Punk & Folk throws it into a unique pot. Shane McGowan & Christy Moore meet Ian Dury & John Lydon with just a hint of Madness. “Heartfelt song writing from a unique voice” – Rough Trade Records “Refreshingly authentic” – Matthew Wright (Channel 5) “An engaging live performer” – Folk London (Magazine) “Works on a number of levels” – Fatea (Webzine) “A unique talent that grabs you and forces you to listen” London Celtic Punks (Webzine) “Lyrics that resonate with the listener” - The Express “Direct simplicity it is the most affecting” – R2

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