What is Music Glue?

Music Glue build bespoke ecommerce for the music industry. Our partners can sell merch, music and tickets in a single transaction from a unified marketplace directly to their customers worldwide and own all the data. Think Amazon marketplace, but branded as the artist. We bring the music industry together.

We're a team of tech geeks, music lovers, musicians and ecommerce experts, who understand what artists and their partners need to create sustainable, long term careers. We've spent over 10 years creating a set of clever and easy to use ecommerce tools specifically for the music industry, giving you the power of a global marketplace in your pocket.
- Mark Meharry, Music Glue Founder & CEO


To be the first business to truly join up the music industry by fixing the broken commercial relationship between artists and fans through technology.

Why Music Glue started

Music Glue was born out of frustration in 2007 when Founder and CEO Mark Meharry realised just how fragmented the Music industry was, resulting in a terrible online retail experience for music fans - and £$ billions left on the table.