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Ruby Developer

We are looking for Ruby developers to join the technical team to work alongside colleagues with masses of music industry know-how. You’ll be working on some really interesting problems over a range of projects. For example, we:
  • run a Rails 4 app providing a highly interactive environment for our clients to manage their accounts.
  • build high-traffic Rails/Sinatra APIs serving internal and external clients.
  • operate a distributed architecture of independently scalable applications.
  • analyse, transcode and edit user-generated media files.
  • host our code on GitHub.
  • run automated tests on Travis.
  • deploy to Heroku.
  • At least a solid year of Ruby development on your CV, and experience of things like MongoDB, Postgres, AWS, Heroku and job queues will be advantageous.
  • Experience of running and supporting an application in production.

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